Through the years of our business, we have met incredible and fascinating people. A few long-lasting friendships have been formed.

"We had our first gate installed on a property nearly 10 years ago. It is a fully automated swing gate and it is still functioning perfectly today despite having been run into by careless visitors more than once. Each time there was an accident, we could always count on Guy to come and fix the problem, often within 24 hours. When we needed another gate a year ago, we called on Guy once again having been so impressed by his superior product and service. This time, we needed something quite unique. The gate had to be built on the side of a steep hill on one side, a steep cliff on the other. Guy once again, delivered a superior product. He installed a beautiful fully automated cantilever sliding gate that opens and closes without a whisper of a sound. If you are looking for superior craftsmanship, after sales service and for the best in the security gate business, choose Guy Faiola!" Gord and Liz – Chilliwack

"We did an extensive reno at our home a few years ago. We were referred to Guy by one of our trades as an individual who does interesting and beautiful work. We were extremely pleased with our three gates and Guy’s attention to detail. He created three gates for me with simply a description of what I wanted. At the time we were having problems with the building inspector and were informed (after the posts were already in) that the whole thing had to be changed even though they were in the same position as the previous gate. Guy was supportive and very quickly changed things around to please the building inspector and created a whole new design that he knew I would be happy with. I was grateful to him more than I can express. Not only did he efficiently create a thing of beauty but he put his heart into it supporting me the whole time with the challenges I faced. It is something that I won’t forget and now consider him a friend!"Bev, Belcarra.

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