Sliding Gates

There is nothing more appealing than driving up to your home and being greeted by the grand entrance of sliding gates opening to welcome you.

Perfect For Tight Spaces

Sliding gates are a great choice when space is tight. As opposed to a swing gate style that requires lots of room to open and close, sliding gates only require enough space to slide horizontally across a driveway or entrance way.

For our sliding gate systems, we use heavy duty U-shaped wheels with roller bearings, and our track is imbedded into concrete placed across the driveway. The top of the track is level with the driveway surface, which will reduce the risk of damage to the track when vehicles drive over it or when snow is removed from the gate area. If heavy volume is not a concern, sliding gates are a very popular selection. Have a look at some of the installations we've done below:

Our Process

  • Custom Design - We look at your specific need and design a solution to match your needs.
  • Manufacturing - We design it and we build it. This is how we produce top quality gate solutions.
  • Installation - We come to the site and install it to ensure perfection


Currently we offer maintenance service where we will inspect the gate automation, lubricate where necessary, calibrate and align all wear points and check overall workings of the system.


We repair all makes of gate automation whether it was installed by us or not. We will provide a quotation, where necessary, before we proceed with any repair work. Whether it’s from wear and tear, a vehicle impact or just broken down, we have the means and also we have a top-notch gas drive aluminum welding system to do on site repairs.


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